Re: Update on Jeri's board (fwd)

From: John (
Date: 2001-03-09 10:41:54

Ruud Baltissen writes (in reply to Jeri):
>> I have to make some decisions about keeping the 24 bit modes or reducing
>>them to 16 bit and adding a lot of fun features: PS-2 mouse, keyboard, high
>>speed rs-232, IDE, OPL3 .....  What should I add?
>If I am allowed to form your opinion: I choose for the 16 bit + extra's.

I'd go the other way.  24 bit is much better quality (the hardware I'm
working with now supports 16 bit, but we don't use it at all - 24 bit for
anything we compute, and 8 or 4 bit paletted for anything pre-generated
that will fit without looking bad).  16 bit looks *awful*.  OK, it's damn
good compared with a standard C64, but on an absolute scale it's bad.

Also, extra features are extra development time, and extra bugs.  Keep the
first one simple, and add the goodies later.

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