Update on Jeri's board

From: rbernardo (rbernardo_at_value.net)
Date: 2001-03-08 04:25:14

Jeri Ellsworth has given me permission to release a few details on her 
upcoming release of her 24-bit video board/accelerator for the C64 (o.k., 
we had a discussion of what it should be called... the Jeri board, the 
Ellsworth board, the E-board, the JE-board... well, I'll call it the 

If you read the above statement carefully, yes, that's right... not only 
will the J-Board be a video board having the capability of displaying 
thousands or millions of colors, but it will also be an accelerator.

Here are the details:

24-bit video with VGA display (no NTSC/PAL composite video to worry about)
6502 core running at 25 mhz. (25 times the CPU speed of a C64)
Currently for the C64 (not C128 mode)
Estimated selling price of $100
Production models (v.1?) to be sold at the Louisville Commodore Expo, May 

The Louisville C= Expo will be the venue where Jeri will debut the board.
She calls it a "replacement" for the SuperCPU.  She also thanks Bil Herd,
former CBM lead engineer in the development of the C128, for his
invaluable assistance in solving sprite detection problems in the J-Board.
And she thanks Sierra Circuit Designs of Portland, Oregon, for their help,

Her work continues on the J-Board, and the board is constantly evolving.
Now that her computer stores have been sold, she intends to spend up to 8
hours a day working on the board to get it ready for its debut.

                                        Robert Bernardo
                                        Fresno Commodore User Group

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