Re: 6809
Date: 2001-03-06 19:44:19

Hallo Spiro,

> > Hast du die 6809 schon gekriegen?

This one was meant to be sent to you personally. But I forgot that I got 
that the mail I used to ask you this question was sent thru CBM-Hackers. So 
it ended up in the list.

> yes, I received the 6809. Thanks a lot.

This was a 6809P. Has the "P" any meaning? I own a databook of Motorola but 
and it mention the E-version, but not the P.

> Anyway, I'm a little bit confused, since I already wrote you. Didn't you 
> get the message, or did you just not remember this (I appended the 
> original mail for you to check, please!).

FYI: the is for when I am at home, the is my email address at work. I've been ill last week 
(Flu, flew ??? griep, Grippe) plus a course last two days, so i wasn't able 
to reply any mail sent to that particular address.

Groetjes, Ruud

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