Re: vic20 repair problem

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-03-06 01:07:16

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> This machine starts up almost fine, the correct amount of RAM is displayed
> (even with expansion plugged in), but no IRQs are generated (thus the cursor
> is not blinking) and some character colors are messed up, they turn to
> purple. After each reset the purple is somewhere else, so it's probably not a
> bad color RAM but a bus conflict or something. Maybe even a bad VIC. Oh, the
> cursor starts blinking if I apply IRQs with a wire :-)

Thanks to Ruud and William for suggestions. After thinking about the
color problem, I chose to change the 4066 chip, after which the colors
were okay. After changing the 6522 as well, the cursor started blinking
and the keyboard worked. So this VIC20 seems to be okay again :-)


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