Re: SFX2Pc-MIDI (fwd)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-02-26 11:10:22


> ....this through a big search on the web regarding the Commodore SFX
> Sound Expander and specially the external keyboard. I'm trying to find
> out if its possible to give the external keyboard a MIDI interface which
> is useful on my pc. In other words: I want to use the external keyboard
> on my Pc...  i'm sick of the c64 sounds. ;)

I have a SFX Sound Expander myself, but I don't have the external keyboard. I
know that the SFX software has an option for using a MIDI connection, but
that would require the use of a compatible MIDI interface cartridge being
plugged into the pass-through expansion port in the SFX cartridge. Since the
SFX is a product from the UK, my guess is that it will be compatible with the
European type of MIDI interface, not with the US type. They're said to differ
in some details of I/O mapping, but both are based on an 6850 UART chip.

Maybe someone can come up with a link to a schematic of such a device, I
don't have one, unfortunately.

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