Ruud, the 8501 is in my plus/4 now!

From: Daniele Gratteri (
Date: 2001-02-24 13:17:02

Hi to all of you.

Today, I received the 8501 that Ruud sent me.
I was surprised: normally, here in Italy the postal service is really

But, after only two days, I've got the CPU for my "new" plus/4.
It appears to be brand new, from a 1989 stock (when the other ICs into the
plus/4 are from 1984...).

I only have to try it, when I'll find the 1,5A fast acting fuse and finish
an adaptor for the VIC-20 PSU.
Also, I hope the plus/4 hasn't got more problems...

Ruud, thank you very much. How I can return the favour?

        Daniele Gratteri (
           (ICQ N 53943994 - FIAT1100D in IRC)

                  CBM & AMIGA FOREVER!

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