Vic all-in-one cartridge update

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-02-23 09:32:01

Hi all!

Okay, yesterday I finished a custom version of pucrunch that is given a
cartridge ROM image and a list of menu entry names and file names.  Since
the hardware is not ready yet, I've only tested it with small programs, so
that everything (menu, decompressor and crunched data) fits in the
$a000-$bfff area.

I haven't tested the cartridge software on a real VIC-20 yet, but it works
in VICE.  There is a compile-time NTSC option.  I'll release the complete
thing when the hardware is finished.  Now I can send it to interested
individuals.  There's little documentation, and it's mostly in Finnish for

Those who are interested can download a PAL version of the menu from
<URL:>.  It requires RAM at BLK5
($a000-$bfff).  Keys STOP, 3 and 8 exit to BASIC in different memory
expansion configurations (0k, 3k and 24k).  The initial letters of the
file names can be used to jump to an entry.  With shift+letter, it jumps
backwards.  Home/clr and the cursor keys are assigned as well.  Return
starts the game.  As you see, it's possible to enter aliases for the menu
entries: "hi globe" is an alias for "hello world".  In this way, you only
need to store "vic rat race" and "radar rat race" once.


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