Re: Pinouts for C65 Chips

From: Andre Kaesmacher (
Date: 2001-02-22 15:43:43

Andre Kaesmacher schrieb:

> Nick Coplin schrieb:
> The Documentation (System Specification) for the C65 contains it
> all.
> Pinouts are in Chapter 2, which is unfortunately not availible via funet.
> I suggest you try to buy the Paper.

(Answering my own eMail.. BTW what is the Netiquette for Mailing-Lists ?)

I am sure that Chapter 3 will appear on funet sooner or later.

However scanning & ocr'ing the missing Chapter has not a high
priority on my Todo-List.

Have Fun,
Andre Kaesmacher

PS: Highest Priority at the Moment is the CBM-Ringnetwork.

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