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Date: 2001-02-22 07:30:02

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> Got your address indeed, as you can see:


> About 1.5 Euro, but you don't have to send money. Maybe one day you can
> return the favour in another way.

Thank you.

> But now the sad part: one of the 8501's is bad. I checked the three CPUs
> using my own C16. For this I had to remove the keyboard. I keft the last
> CPU in the C16. Before I went to sleep I refitted the keyboard.


> Twenty minutes ago I turned the main switch and apperently I must have
> turned the C16 on during installing the keyboard. My youngest son noticed
> that the screen started up and started to type, but..... nothing happened.
> I reopened the C16 and checked the connection. All OK. Replaced the 8501
> and.... keyboard worked. Other 8501 again.... nothing. Of course checked
> other 8501s as well: both OK. So now I only have two good 8501s :(

Damn 8501s!

> Good part of the story: I can send you the good one tomorrow.

Can you send me also the bad 8501? Just for keeping it as a souvenir of the
Commodore days ;-)

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