Re: ML TOD routine help needed

From: john/lori (
Date: 2001-02-22 00:50:57

To quote the data sheet I have

  A specific sequence of events must be followed for
proper setting and reading of TOD.  TOD is automatically
stopped whenever a write to the Hours register occurs.
The clock will not start again until after a write to the 10ths
of seconds register.  This assures TOD will always start at
the desired time.  Since a carry from one stage to the next
can occur at any time with respect to a read operation, a
latching function is included to keep all Time Of Day
information constant during a read sequence.  All Four
TOD registers latch on a read of Hours and remain
latched until after a read of 10ths of seconds.  The TOD
clock continues to count when the output registers are
latched.  If only one register is to be read, there is no carry
problem and the register can be read "on the fly",
provided that any read of Hours is followed by a read of
10ths of seconds to disable latching.

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