Re: Amtech RF512C DOS: differences to 1571 ROM (was: Amtech RF512C manipulates reading the ROM image with M-R)

From: Rhialto <>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2021 14:14:46 +0200
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On Wed 06 Oct 2021 at 16:32:17 +0200, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:
> Thus, they did not only patch the drive to not read back the $FFxx area,
> they even did it in a very stupid way, patching out the checksum
> functions instead of fixing the checksum.
> Did they really know what they were doing?

I would say no: because their change to M-R does not really hide very
well that they copied the ROM. It hides just a very small part of it.
Maybe they meant to hide the whole ROM, but failed to do so.

It's a bit like the old PET ROMs where Microsoft put code in the PEEK()
function to disallow reading the ROM area (or at least the BASIC part);
it always returns 0 (that is why programs test PEEK(50003) which
happens to be 1 in "new ROMs").

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