Re: vic-ii pal colors

From: Istvan Hegedus <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2020 11:29:27 +0200
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On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 7:34 PM Gerrit Heitsch <>

> On 6/8/20 7:03 PM, Istvan Hegedus wrote:
> > Thank you Levente for the information!
> >
> > I have already noticed in plus4emu source code that the NTSC color
> > phases are different while the standard says the color phases are
> > rotated with 33 degree which is the case in the documentation (just the
> > wrong direction). I will check YAPE too and use color angles from the
> > emulators.
> > I am investigating the color and luma signals via oscilloscope directly
> > on the TED pins and sometimes on the composite output after the RF
> > modulator. The luminance levels are also strange and not the same as in
> > the documentation...
> What kind of TED are you checking? A 7360 or a 8360? If the
> documentation was written for the 7360 and you are looking at the output
> of a 8360 that might be the explanation.

Definitely the 8360. I don't have 7360.

> When switching from HMOS-I to HMOS-II (8360) MOS might not have bothered
> to fine tune the analog parts if the output looked OK.

That explains the differences. Still I don't know where those luminance
voltage levels are coming from. Has someone measured them on a 7360?
On a 8360 I got something like:

L0 1.7v
L1 1.9v
L2 2.0v
L3 2.2v
L4 2.68v
L5 3.1v
L6 3.4v
L7 4.4v
blanking 1.3v
sync 220mv

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