Re: 1 MB image for VIC-20

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 2001-02-16 09:34:10

> Instead, I'll toss away the 4 first bytes from the pucrunch -c0 header
> and replace it with a byte that specifies a "warp address".  For a game
> residing at $2000-$3fff and $a000-$bfff, this byte would be $40,
> indicating that at $4000, the destination address will warp to $a000.

As a bonus there is a certain symmetry between a wrap address and
a warp address, also in the literal sense. :-)

> I'd like to be able to uncompress non-cartridge games as well.

If they are basic games, you have to call those two basic routines
(equivalent to CLEAR, I think) to set the variable pointers right
after setting the basic end address.

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