CBM-II power supplies

From: Richard Atkinson (rga24_at_cantab.net)
Date: 2001-02-12 01:57:03

Hi everyone. This is my first post to the list for a while. I am currently
in Austin, Texas on a 3 month training course with my new employer. Today
I visited Bo Zimmerman, to meet up and see another side of Austin from the
usual work stuff, and also see his V364 prototype. I have high hopes of
being able to reverse-engineer the T6721A implementation in the V364, as
it is much simpler than in the Magic Voice. However, most glue logic
functions are in a MOS custom chip which will be impossible to source.
Hopefully the content of that chip will be evident once the circuit
diagram is known.

Some of the other things we discussed were the CBM-II machines. Myself, I
have never seen a CBM-II except in pictures, but Bo has several, some from
Europe and some from the US. All the European models are exhibiting power
supply problems, even though Bo has proper 110V - 240V conversion
facilities. Is there a common failure mode with the CBM-II power supply
that would cause the 5V output to be much lower, and is anyone familiar
with the power supplies in those machines? I assume they are linear
supplies but with a different design to the earlier PET units.


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