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From: Dave R. (
Date: 2001-02-10 19:28:33

Don't know if I ever got back to Macbeth on this...

At 08:01 PM 2/5/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Currently I've got an older Casio (model QV-100).  I'm considering
>getting one of the newer, cheaper cameras though.  If we're going
>to make an effort towards getting this 64/128<->camera hookup working,
>a few of us should probably get the same camera.  What exact model
>did you get, and how much did/does it cost?

My camera is a Polaroid PDC640 Plus.  I paid $149 for it at Wal-Mart, 
although they usually go for around $200.

> > If it's based on the same chipset that mine uses, there is documentation
> > on the protocol included in some Linux software that I could point you to.
>Sadly, I don't know what chipset it uses - I guess I should look
>into that! :)

Here is a list of (known) cameras which use this protocol:

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