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From: Marcello 'R.D.O.' Magnifico (
Date: 2001-01-31 20:45:25

> What needs to be done is make a daemon that opens a pty and attaches it to
> a /dev enbtry.  Screen does this, as does telnet/rsh/ssh.  Its fairly
> straightforward, but I ahve no idea on the exact procedure.
> I have a program for my HP X-terminal that allows you to attach /dev/ptyxx
> to the parallel port on the x-terminal.  Thus, you can send data to the XT
> as though it were a local terminal

On any Unix box it's possible to configure a number of terminals simply by
editing a file like /etc/inittab, but this gives no support for network
connections (Telnet). About C= BBS'es, if the Turbo232 emulation can be
attached to a device, it can be simply attached to the serial port, then
directly to the incoming modem. Making such a BBS available on The Net is
another problem, that involves the need to dynamically open a TCP
connection when someone does "Telnet" to the *x box. As far as I can
imagine, no /dev/ptyxx should be needed for this, especially if running
under 'inetd' (where stdout is enough to make a TCP service).


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