Re: C= and internet
Date: 2001-01-31 14:37:26

On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Martijn van Buul wrote:

> Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> > Hallo,
> > 
> > > > first I think this has already been done before (a web browser on the
> > > > C64).
> > 
> > That's what I thought as well. But who did it and is the PRG available?
> Cameron Kaiser is still working on HyperLink, AFAIK. However, that doesn't
> run on 'stock' C64s, and requires an ISP with a shell-account. Still, I 
> think that this is the only way to go, if you want to be able to run a
> browser on a C64 (Have a program on your ISP do the low-level work of setting
> up network connections, and buffering the whole lot). The ISP might
> be the biggest problem though - only very few providers seem to be 
> having a login shell. Unfortunately, this includes HCCnet :(

On that note, why not make a program that can do simple http grabs, and
run a translator on a free website host that offers CGI?  you can build a
cgi script that tranlates the webpage to WML or some other simplified
markup language with embedded images added, and just point the c64 to said

Hm, how aobut someome with plenty-o-bandwidth make a central c64->net

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