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From: Marcello 'R.D.O.' Magnifico (
Date: 2001-01-30 22:04:31

> VICE supports Turbo232 emulation, but with limitations - you can attach
> the
> emulation to a file or to a device, i.e. a serial port for example.
> To directly run a program on the host (e.g. a shell or login prompt)
> you have to use an intermediate program that sets up a unix terminal
> for the shell, using the VICE RS232 i/o streams as input/output. This
> program I just did not yet have the time to write.

Maybe a netpipe program like "faucet" and "hose" on Slackware Linux can
be used for this purpose. As far as I can remember, Slackware's netpipes
support a single TCP connection on a specified port, and are made to run
as a standard pipe.
Other ideas involve the usage of inetd to start ViCE with a lock
mechanism, the redirection of any ViCE's standard output to /dev/null and
binding of the Turbo232 emulation to "stderr".

> On the other hand I tested my 6502 operating system on VICE by using 
> ttyS0 (COM1) as VICE RS232 device and ttyS1 (COM2) as "dialin" shell
> port and an null-modem-cable between those two serial ports :-)

If the device opening isn't exclusive (dunno), a modem configured for
loopback diagnostics (AT&T1 to begin, AT&T0 to end) might help saving a
port. It's an old trick that some Amiga users played to show in a window
the messages produced by the debugger known as "Enforcer" that 

> > Correction, please. Yes, "but".
> > What happens when two people try to access the same BBS? Concurrency
> > problems will occour, unless ViCE running the BBS is placed under
> > INETD superserver (=is loaded on demand at each connection) with kinda
> > auto-boot system for the BBS program _and_ the filesystem part of the
> > board is in the Linux box as an ext2fs directory or such. This couldn't be
> > _so_ easy.

> And the BBS program has to be aware that the files on its disk might
> also be used from another BBS program at the same time!

Anywhere the BBS program itself is simple/stateless enough, the risk of
data corruption should be very low.


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