Looking for geoVision publisher Grady Brown (fwd)

From: Marko Mäkelä (msmakela_at_cc.hut.fi)
Date: 2001-01-26 10:09:00

I cannot help this guy, but maybe somebody on this list can.

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Subject: Looking for geoVision publisher Grady Brown


  My name is Bryce Tomlinson.   In the late 80's and early 90's, I
published a newsletter called "GeoJournal", for a user group called
"geoMetrix".  Our GEOS-ONLY user group quickly became international, and
we accumulated a sizeable GEOS-Specific library of public domain and
shareware files.  I am currently working on putting that library onto my
web site, as well as the newsletters in PDF format for Adobe Acrobat, so
that anyone online can print out a copy of any issue.

   In my quest for completeness, I am also looking for the publisher of
another GEOS newsletter, GeoVision, which was published in 1993.  Grady
Brown was a friend of mine, and I was pretty close with him when I was
doing my newsletter.   But shortly after he began publishing GeoVision,
he disappeared.  If you have any knowledge of his whereabouts, or might
be able to pass on any email information, please let me know... I would
like to put his newsletters onto my web site, right along with the

   Please contact me if you have any information about Grady, or at
least pass on my info to him if you know him.

   Thank you.

-Bryce L. Tomlinson

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