Re: 2114 chips needed?
Date: 2001-01-12 22:57:38

Haloo Per,

Remember the 700+ I had laying around? I don't have them anymore but I can 
think I can get some at least. Please give me a number.

> I'm working in upgrading my Vic-20 with some extra ram to be able to
> watch (and digitize) Veni Vidi Vic and Vici Iterum MM. I'm aiming for
> the least amount of chips and wires possible, which is why I'm piggy-
> backing 6264's onto the kernal and basic rom. I'm also thinking about
> adding a 3K expansion by piggy-backing 2114's onto the existing ones,
> but I'm having a hard time finding the chips. The best price so far is
> $7.50 per chip -- ie $45 for a measly 3K :) It's worth it? Is there
> any software out there that needs it? Does anyone know of a cheap
> source for 2114?

Groetjes, Ruud

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