Re: 2114 chips needed?

From: john/lori (
Date: 2001-01-08 18:20:55

You didn't say how much 6264s are, but at $7.50 a pop for 2114s,
perhaps it would be cheaper (and some what more complicated) to
use 3K out of a 6264 piggy backed on the char ROM?

BGmicro lists 2114s for $1.49  S&H is $5.50 min. Don't know if
they'd ship to Sweden  (catalog is .pdf RAM page 5, diodes page 6)

They also list 6264's for $1.20 and 1N5817s $.19, IN5819s $.39
(for your XE1541s)

I called and asked them, they will ship to Sweden

small package < 8" x 8" x 8"

8 oz.  $5.00
1 lb   $7.50
4 lb  $21.50 

not small package

1 lb $16.69
4 lb $27.75

+ insurance on orders over $50

she said they'd take cash, check, or various credit cards.

(naturally if you're going to order from them, you should contact
them for the straight dope, not take my word for it, but that gives
you an idea) 

I've never had any thing but good experiences dealing with them.

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