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Hi, everybody,
	Here is some interesting information for you to digest.

					Robert Bernardo
					Fresno Commodore User Group

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Dear Commodore Enthusiasts,

It is my great pleasure to annouce tentatively that the LUCKI Commodore
Club will host the "Spring Commodore Expo 2001" in the Louisville,
Kentucky area on May 26th (Mememorial Day Weekend).  What we want to do is
to let everyone know early and ask everybody to make their vacation plans
accordingly!  We hope you will reserve a room and make the entire
weekend a family holiday!!!

The Lansing Area Commodore Club which has done such a fine job of this for
many years is now asking to take a break and let someone else do it for
awhile.  The Lucky Users of the Commodore Klassic International (LUCKI)
has given me permission to make tentative arrangements in time for those
who plan vacations in January to have all the information they will need.

It will be held at the Holiday Inn Express which is actually located in
New Albany, Indiana, just north of Louisville, across the Sherman Minton
Bridge, off I-64.  Although the Expo will be on the 26th, a Saturday, we
are encouraging everyone to make a weekend of it!  We want everyone to
come in on Friday evening and enjoy the Hospitality Room which the LUCKI
Club will sponsor that evening.  Free soft drinks and snacks and all the
Commodore conversation you want to enjoy!  This also gives opportunity
for those doing demos and such on Saturday to set up early, the night
before.  (The Expo room will be kept locked!  This will be done to protect
the property of "early birds" who choose to set up Friday evening.)

Officially, the set up time will be 8am to 9am on Saturday morning.  The
Expo will run from 9am to 5pm, with breakdown time from 5pm to 6pm.  We
will go out to eat together that night.  If I can get a count of how many
will be going, we may be able to reserve a private room somewhere.

The cost of the hotel rooms is $59 a night for up to 5 persons/room.  You
can have smoking or non-smoking, one king size bed or two double beds.
Rollaway beds are $10/night, I think.  Now including taxes, etc., the
total cost/room/night is $64.31.  That means a group of four can stay for
TWO nights for only $32.16 TOTAL COST for each of them!  That is a
terrific deal!  (Of course, the cost to get into the Expo will be $5-10,
but hopefully that will not keep anyone away.  ;-)

Also, the room cost includes a free continental breakfast.  Sunday
morning, after your free breakfast, there will be an informal forum on the
"Future of Commodore."  I am hoping that those interested in the subject
will stay and participate.  It should be over by 9:30 am, and those who
want to go to church can attend the denomination of their choice.
Information on local churches, times of services, etc. will be made
available on request.

In addition to this schedule, you may want to spend part of your Sunday
(or even Monday) visiting the tourist sites in the Louisville area.  I do
not want to take space here and now for all the details, but some of the
sights you might want to visit are...

Churchill Downs (Museum will be open on Sunday 12 noon to 5pm.)
Louisville Zoo  (Opened from 10am to 6pm.)
Ceasar's Casino (The Boat, as we call it locally, is open 24-7!)
Louisville Sluggar Museum  (Featuring the lasrgest wooden bat in the
                            world.  Open 12 noon to 5pm on Sunday.)

Again, please make reservations now.  Call 1-877-451-2595 to reserve your
room or rooms at the Holiday Inn Express.  Since this event is being held
on Memorial Day weekend, the rooms could fill up quickly.  To protect us,
I have reserved 10 rooms to start with.  If we need more, I can reserve
more, unless it is filled up!

If you want to reserve a non-smoking room, the operator will ask you
for the name of the event and the reservation number.  The name of the
event is the "Spring Commodore Expo 2001", and the reservation number for
non-smoking rooms is 61647559.  To reserve a smoking room, the reservation
number for the same event is 61647940.  By reserving rooms in this way,
you are guaranteed a rate that is $20 lower than what some of the other
guests will be paying!

If you have questions (or problems getting reservations), please email me
privately.  Unless otherwise instructed, I may answer your question
"publicly" if I feel others will profit from the exchange.  ;-)


K. Dale Sidebottom
President, LUCKI Club

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