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From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 2000-12-26 12:33:51

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> How good is the emulation of the drives in VICE? What I'm thinking of is if
> it would be possible to sepparate this part to make an independant module of

In VICE the IEEE488 emulation is all around the parallel.c file that
an IEEE488 state engine. In my parieee project I used this plus the
drives (i.e. the C implementation handling filesystem and d64 images)
from VICE,
and added a hardware interface for my hardware.

To add "true" drive emulation, i.e. have an emulated drive listen on the 
state engine (as it is done in VICE), you have to cut out a considerably

Filesystem ------\
D64 -------------/     \           /----------- hardware interface
     |                  \         /
     |                parallel.c /
     |               state engine
     |              /           \
   true drive -----/             \------ ( PET/CBM-II/C64 emulation,
VICE only )

In this diagram I already have the state engine and anything above it.
The true drive emulation is the part you would want to cut out in
addition to that.
The computer emulation (PET/...) is here only to show how it is
in VICE.

> it. In this case you can use it with a real C= computer. I even want to give
> up my own PC-Disk for this and you have someone to help you. But I will need
> some help because I'm not that good in C, maybe Roel can help me.

First step would be to just add a different hardware interface for 
your hardware and postpone true drive emulation. This would at least
that it works

Second step would be to cut the larger part out of VICE. But I guess
here you
would want more help from the (current) VICE team. I took the code from
and now VICE is at 1.6, so some stuff in the filesystem/disk image
has improved already.

Unfortunately I am still pretty much under water with work, so I cannot
much, sorry.

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