VCF East pre-announcement

From: rbernardo (
Date: 2000-12-23 06:08:24

For Commodore aficionados and fans of other vintage platforms, here is
Sellam "Sam" Ismail's pre-announcement of the Vintage Computer Festival
East (East Coast of the United States).  Give the VCF website a ring and
state your preferences.

					Robert Bernardo
					Fresno Commodore User Group


Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 00:49:45 -0800
From: Vintage Computer Festival <>

Subject: Help Us Plan VCF East

Greetings Vintage Computer Enthusiast!

I am happy to announce that the VCF is moving ahead with plans for an
event on the East Coast of the United States.  We are considering
hosting the event somewhere in the New England area, with Boston being
heavily favored both for its central location and historical relevance
to computing.

But we want to be sure to hold the event in a locale that will be
amenable to the highest number of potential attendees, so we are polling
our mailing list subscribers to determine where the most ideal location
would be.

In deciding on a locale, we'd like to keep these criteria in mind:

1) Availability of an affordable location suitable for the Festival
2) Geographical proximity to the most number of potential attendees
3) Proximity to major airports
4) Availability of decent and affordable accomodations
5) Weather
6) Historical relevance (i.e. near Route 128 near Boston, as a parallel
   to doing the main Festival in the Silicon Valley)

So if those who are entertaining the notion of going to a VCF East could
mosey on over to the following URL and fill in the survey we'd be most

Your input will help to decide where we will host the first VCF East.
The event is tentatively scheduled to fall somewhere in between VCF
Europa (April 28-29, 2001) and VCF 5.0 (Fall 2001).

Thanks very much for your participation in our poll, and we hope to
see you at one of the upcoming Vintage Computer Festival events!

Best regards,

Sellam Ismail
Vintage Computer Festival

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