Re: Announcement: VIMM - VIC20 Megademo Released

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2000-12-21 11:53:39

peter karlsson <> wrote:

> When will someone video-capture it and put it up as a AVI or MPEG? :)

I guess I could fairly easy capture it (and other demos, like VVV)
on VHS tape. But the step to digitalize it, I don't have equipment

Maybe that guy in Sweden who had a load of C= equipment still has it,
and is ready to sell it off (last time he kept three C64, two VIC-20,
three tape recorders, one diskdrive, one printer, a number of carts,
EPROM-burner, lots of disks and tapes, books, joystick and a Sinclair
Spectrum, only to be able to play Gianna Sisters on the 64 once in a

/Anders Carlsson
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