Re: Announcement: VIMM - VIC20 Megademo Released

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2000-12-20 23:56:42

Pasi 'Albert' Ojala wrote:

> enjoy the visual and aural performance of this great machine!

Yep. But the VIC-I still sounds terrible when I put my hands on it
(says the musician behind VIMM). I have got some new tone tables and 
ideas from Levente Hársfalvi I'll try soon. 

The music that starts right before the tech^2 part btw says on the
middle channel (in morse) "VIMM" ...- .. -- -- over and over again.
Just to spoil your fun guessing what it is. However, rhythmically, 
I would've preferred to call the demo "VANN" ...- .- -. -.

I heard there was a demo party in The Netherlands last weekend, which 
had a class for "the C64 age" or something. The winner was an Oric 
demo I have downloaded, but not tried in an emulator yet. The Oric 
technically is slightly better than the VIC-20, but it makes me wonder 
how our demo had survived.

Last but not least: During the development, I also played with Pasi's
picture converter. If anyone wants more examples, beyond those on his
page and in the demo, look at

/Anders Carlsson
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