Re: Device list: VIC-20

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-12-19 10:32:34 wrote:
> Hallo Nicolas,
> > here is a list I compiled for an article I wrote for GO64 magazine.
> Thanks. I started to make a devicelist. A small result you'll find on my
> site under "C= Computers". I'll will use your info as well unless I cannot
> because of authorrights from you or, where I'm more worried about, from
> GO64.

Hallo Ruud,

don't worry, you have my okay, and GO64! has no rights to this sort of
information. After all, I got it from Commodore Service manuals and real
board samples. And I think I already posted this list or a similar one to
several places before, including this mailing list.

About GO64!: They are not the kind of "company" who I think would enforce
their rights, especially not from their own authors. It's rather a bunch of
Commodore fans who run this project on a mostly non-profit basis. I also
never received any money or other compensation for writing articles for them,
it's just for fun. Once I was offered the position of a regular writer for
them, for a small compensation that is not worth to mention ;-) Due to lack
of time I had to refuse that position and will just continue to write
something whenever I want, or they want me to, and I have some time left.

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