Date: 2000-12-18 21:02:17

Hallo allemaal,

Lately I received a broken 4040. Replacing the board with teh one of a 
working 4040 I found out the board didn't work. Then I found a board marked 
"4040" which I also tested. For unknown reason this board didn't work 
properly: after spinning the disk it said "?File not found". Replacing the 
6530 (UK3) and the ROMs (UH1, UJ1 UL1) with those of the original board, 
everything worked fine. 

The starnge thing is, the board marked "4040" (my own handwriting) only had 
ROMs on UL1 and UH1. Either UJ1 is missing or is not needed. 
The 6530 of both 4040's and an upgraded 3040 (done by the previous owner) 
have the following chips:
UK3:      MPS 6530
          034 xxxx
  where xxxx = week/year
UH1: 901468-13
UJ1: 901468-11
UL1: 901468-12

The broken 4040 had the following chips:
UK3: 901466-02
UH1: 901468-07
UJ1: none/missing
UL1: 901468-06

Question1: could anybody having a 4040 check what chips it has on board?
Question2: does anybody recognise the codes of the "broken" 4040?

Thanks !!!

Groetjes, Ruud


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