Re: C= parts: Amiga ROMs

From: Marcello Magnifico (
Date: 2000-12-14 23:13:26

> What did I say about reading intersting things??? :) I do have some 68030 
> laying around. A book about CPU's says its an enhanced 68020 but id does 
> not give a pinout. 
> Question 1: can this 68030 be used as well using the way you put a 68020 in 
> your A2000?

My 68020 is part of an accelerator card. If you have just the chips, I'm
quite confident this isn't enough. As far as I remember, only 68000 and
68010 are pin-to-pin compatible. The 68020 and 68030 themselves had
various versions (full, and some subsets as LC and EC, as in 68LC020
and 68EC030, typically lacking MMU), differently packaged.

> Question 2: What do you have in e-form to share with me and other 
> interested people?

Well, if you haven't already tried it, you could check out the AmigaNOS,
a standalone integrated TCP-IP client/server that is the Amiga port of a
well known Dos/OS2/Linux application. You can download it from my personal
Sorry, these are in Italian only. But they're quite easy to browse,
anyway. I'm not sure what exactly I have here in ASCII for the Amiga, will
take some time to compile a list. Wait, please... [PASS 1]

> Question 3: I also have a 68881 laying around. Can this be used as well? 
> (Number may be wrong, to dig up those IC's will cost me some time. But I am 
> convinced it is the coprocessor for a 68020/68030)

Yes, 68881 is the coprocessor for 68020 and 68030; it is used in
accelerator boards and in some A3000. 68882 is for the '030 only, if my
memory isn't playing havoc. The best thing I'd be able to do would be 
seeking out for an accelerator card with dead chips (an A2630, as
Dan suggests). Or maybe look for an Aminet FTP mirror and search for hardware
projects: there are complex ones, too, and I kinda remember something
about accelerator boards.


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