Re: VICE Emulator Question and Suggestion

From: Roel Janssen (
Date: 2000-12-15 16:39:48

Hi Todd,

Maybe I can help you getting familiair with C++ coding. I have quite some
experience with it.



You are in an empty cave. There's a rock in the middle with "Todd S Elliott
wrote on 12/15/2000 04:04:00" written on. A hollow voice says:
>On Fri, 15 Dec 2000 10:15:47 +0100 "Spiro Trikaliotis" <>
>> Hm. I think the problem is that the VICE-team doesn't have Wheels,
>> so it's
>> hard to find out what is going wrong.
>Well, I think Maurice Randall, the developer behind Wheels, may consider
>releasing the source code for the 1581 disk driver. Then the VICE team
>can study the 1581 disk driver and figure out what's affecting the 1581
>drive emulation.
>Right now, it's the holiday season so I'll ask Maurice Randall about the
>1581 disk driver in January and see what happens.
>I wish I knew C++ programming. I could have gone into VICE source code
>and figured out what was affecting 1581 disk drive emulation as I do have
>a copy of Wheels for my own personal use.
>-Todd Elliott
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This message was sent through the cbm-hackers mailing list.
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