Re: Device list: VIC-20
Date: 2000-12-11 09:41:28

Hallo Pasi,

> The color memory starting address depends on the video matrix starting
> address. If the video matrix is in the "upper 512 bytes of kB", the
> color memory will be also. The whole range 9400-97ff contains 4-bit-wide
> memory. Also, it is possible to have the video matrix 1024 bytes and use
> the whole color memory.

But still my question stands: how can the VIC-20 "move" the colour-RAM to 
$9800 if tits range is in $9400-97FF? It must be a typing error>

> Yes, the VIA address decoding is a bit weird. You can write to both
> VIA's simultaneously by writing to $913x..

But why 9 ONE 1 X and why not 9 ZERO 1 x? Has this to do with possible 
VIC-I mirrors?

Groetjes, Ruud

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