Re: VIC 20 Power Supply pinout

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-12-05 09:29:45

Larry Anderson wrote:
>   9VAC ---7           6--- 9VAC
>          3             1
>  +5VDC ---5           4
>       GROUND ---2
>          C64 POWER SOCKET

The above is the pinout of the power supply itself. But the C64 has pins
1,3,4 connected as well, and if someone wants to build a heavy duty PS
for use of a SuperCPU or similar current hungry device, the following
full pinout should be used:

   9VAC ---7           6--- 9VAC
GROUND ---3             1--- GROUND 
  +5VDC ---5           4--- +5VDC
       GROUND ---2
          C64 POWER SOCKET

I know that at least some PCB versions of the C64 lack the second 5VDC
input on pin4, but a service note says that this should be added via an
internal wire. Don't know about the VIC20CR, which also has that input.

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