RE: CBM 1541 (fwd)

From: COPLIN, Nicholas. (
Date: 2000-11-17 03:03:21

> > Interestingly you can use the faster speed with UI- if you blank the
> screen
> > on the C64/128 before doing the disk I/O.
> You should also remember to disable the sprites.  And even the longer
> timeout is insufficient if all sprites are enabled on a PAL C64.  In this
> case, almost all CPU cycles will be stolen on a bad line, stopping the C64
> almost completely for 64 microseconds.  That's why programs that show
> sprites on the screen and use KERNAL routines for disk I/O turn sprites
> off while loading.
[COPLIN, Nicholas.]  Interesting, I always assumed telling the VIC to
"blank" automatically disabled all extra accesses....


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