Re: Serial IEC bus for PETs
Date: 2000-11-06 21:46:14

Hallo allemaal,

> There is a hardware solution to this problem on my IEEE488 page.
> It is a small 6504 computer that translates PET IEEE488 into 
> VC1541 serial IEC.

I prefer the "direct solution" ie. connecting an IEC-device directly to the 
PET. You'll need at least 6 I/O-lines: ATN-in/out, CLOCK-in/out and 
DATA-in/out. The userport can supply these lines. The you need a 7406 to buffer 
these lines. 
The next thing is the software and here lays the trouble, or hopefully: laid. 
One could extract the SRC from the C64-Kernal but obviously Andre has done this 
in one or another way. The only thing one has to do is to transform the SRC of 
Andre's design to the CBM. I'm volunteering to work on this.  

Groetjes, Ruud

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