About the C364...

From: Grosz, Attila (grosz.attila_at_nn.hu)
Date: 2000-10-26 10:18:11

Hi All,

I am not subscribed to this list, so sorry if I ask you something you have

I was peeking into the disassembly list of the C364 speech ROM and i found
references to the $FD20-21-22-23 addresses which are to my best knowledge,
were not mapped on other C264 family 8 bit micros.

I wonder what this might be? An I/O port? And what protocol does it use?
Does the digitised speech have the same format as the plus/4 digi at 7. bit
of $FF11?
How was it done? As it is not using any TED registers AFAIK...

Any help is highly apprecieted!
Please send answers in private email, as well.
Many thanks
Attila Grosz
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