8250lp service manual

From: Nicolas Welte (welte_at_chclu.chemie.uni-konstanz.de)
Date: 2000-10-25 19:58:21

A while ago we discussed manuals that have been reproduced by
Schaltungsdienst Lange. I ordered the 8250lp service manual, they
charged me DM 32 for it. It contains many A3 sized pages with schematics
and mechanical diagrams, partly not very readable, but I hope it's good
enough to work with. The best part is a few pages in German, where they
list changes regarding alignment procedures: They dropped the test
points from the old 8250 and now list pin numbers to connect the scope,
plus some other changes. The old alignment programs can be used (they
are in the PET-Library), with the following important changes:

970006.h PLL-Test: UN3/pin 7 is now UF3/Pin 7
970101.a MPI Adjust:
step 1: door switch n/a
step 3: speed alignment requires mechanical disassembly, belt check not
needed (direct drive)
step 4 and 6: TP1/TP2 are now pin 14/15 of 2B on the analog board.
UM5/pin 9 is now UD6 on the digital board (under the adaptor board).
step 6: UK3/pin 40 is now UAB3/pin 40. 

They list some more changes, but these are the most important. 


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