Chicago C= Expo 2000 photos on-line!

From: rbernardo (
Date: 2000-10-21 08:11:02

(Cue the melodramatic music.)

(Cue the announcer's voice.)

You asked for it!  You got it!  Chicago Commodore Expo 2000 photos for
your viewing pleasure!  See Maurice Randall point to The Wave!  Marvel at
Jeri Ellsworth and her 24-bit video board for the C64!  Gaze upon Dale
Sidebottom and his digital still camera!  Astound your friends with
images of Raymond Day, Randy Harris, Stephen Blasko, Jason Compton,
Steve Judd, Adrian Gonzalez, Mark Seelye, Robin Harbron, and more!  Click
on the pictures and watch them expand (or download) before your eyes!

You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll shout, "Oh, my...!"  Go to   Go there!  Go often!  You
won't regret it!

(Announcer switches to rapid-fire)

A Dick Estel website production.  Photos by Robert Bernardo.  Above claims
not verified by any government agency.  No animals were harmed.  Void
where prohibited by law.

(Fade out the music.)

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