Re: Who made the first intro and when? (fwd)

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-10-19 20:15:13

Before I saw games with intro splash screens, I saw them with
personalized boot routines

now loading xxxx

Cracked by the untouchables

I think these are the first intros, not long after that crackers/groups
started getting more creative.

Though I bet the first ones were just character effects (no hi-res or
special sets)

Apple II cracker intros go back a way too, possibly before Commodore ones...

Todd S Elliott wrote:
> >Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 05:30:37 +0200
> >From: Fabio Ciucci <>
> >Subject: Who made the first intro and when?
> >
> >I've seen an AFL intro of 1986 too;
> >But, I don't know for sure about who made the
> >first intros on C64, when, and I haven't the
> >screenshots or files for emulator.
> >Also, I wonder if really the first "intro",
> >in other words something with text scrolling
> >and few colors at least, being not a game and
> >made by crackers or similiar, was made on a C64,
> >or maybe there's some vic20 or older PC intro?...
> >
> Hello.
> Good question. I would say that intros and demos have existed right in
> the beginning of the c64 days, if not earlier. I'm quite sure they
> existed on the Vic-20 and the PETs.
> How about nominating the famous "Christmas Demo" as made by Commodore to
> introduce their c64 as the first 'intro' or demo? It is an intro in the
> sense that it's trying to introduce the c64 and was supposed to be
> running on store displays. It had text, graphics and sound.
> -Todd Elliott

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