RE: Converting to and from FAC

From: COPLIN, Nicholas. (
Date: 2000-10-18 08:05:59

Hi Spiro,

> Verlag, approx. 1984 or 1985. Unfortunately, AFAIK, it's german only, so
> I don't know if it's of interest for you.
[COPLIN, Nicholas.]  unfortunately I know no german :(

> Or, possibly I can help you from the memory? Where exactly is your
> problem? Don't you know how to convert a decimal FP number into binary,
> or is it something specific to the commdores? I could explain the IEEE754
> format, which is _nearly_ the same. Would that be of any help for you?
[COPLIN, Nicholas.]  not really... I have a BASIC program to do binary to
decimal, and understand the basic sign/exponent/mantessa terms... but am
stumped on the reverse calculation....

> Or do you just need the function calls to convert the numbers? If so,
> just assign them to a variable and read it from the variable's memory.
[COPLIN, Nicholas.]  I need to convert 1000+ numbers currently in an PC
document.... I did think of doing each one-by-one, or reading/writing them
from/to a file... but as I'm still developing what the numbers should be I
would prefer a set of equations I could use in my spreadsheet....

Regards, Nick


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