The 24-bit C64 video board

From: rbernardo (
Date: 2000-10-10 12:02:50

I'm a few days late, but below is the latest info on the 24-bit C64
video board that Jeri Ellsworth is developing.  This news is courtesy
of the SWRAP (SouthWest Regional Association of Programmers) website,   SWRAP hosted the Chicago
Commodore Expo on September 23.

                                   Robert Bernardo
                                   Fresno Commodore User Group


Here's the latest update from JERI ELLSWORTH!

9/29/2000:  I have just compiled the VIC compatible revision of the
chip and it mostly works. The biggest problems are with the sprites
(things like latches stay on after reading the collision register ...
etc), but I don't see any huge problems fixing them. I hope to have
prototypes out to the programmers in 4 weeks or so.

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