"Big-C=", but differently

From: Martijn van Buul (pino_at_dohd.org)
Date: 2000-10-04 15:47:15


Since I have a couple of 'foreign' procesessors laying around (all of 
them having an 8-bit interface), I started thinking about having a 
multi-processored PET. Now I know Ruud has done a similiar thing a while
ago, but I want to approach things differently. One of the processors
I intend to use is a "romless"[1] 8051 derivate, which has almost two
complete 8-bit IO ports free. Making this processor run seperately from
the bus is a trivial task (it has _some_ on-chip RAM, for instance),
so I'd like to use this processor as some sort of busmaster. IMHO, this
would greatly reduce the complexity of the board, since timing issues
could be solved by the 8051. Furthermore, there is no need for a 6522.

Any thoughts?


[1] Okay, it's not really ROM-less; I stole it off a broken harddisk
    a while ago. However, the internal ROM can be disabled.
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