odd c64 and nice pet find

From: Nicolas Welte (welte_at_chemie.uni-konstanz.de)
Date: 2000-10-02 18:42:20


I was absent from my university lab for three weeks, and when I came
back I found that a nice co-worker rescued an old C64 and PET from the
trash and put them into my lab.

The PET is a calculator keyboarded 2001 with 320008 board (i.e. 6540
ROMs and 6550 RAMs) and 8k RAM and I think the first ROM version. It
seems to be working, but some keys don't work, others respond only when
pressed hardly. This machine needs a major cleaning job I guess. My boss
saw it and later told me to clean out all (!) unneeded things from my
lab. The machine must really look dirty :-(

The C64 gives me a headache, it's the worst mix of different components
I ever saw. I suspect someone at an official Commodore service point
made this unit from parts, since it still has an undamaged warranty
seal, but at least some oddities remain: It is a brown breadbox (newer
low profile version with port names imprinted on the back) with white
keyboard (last version with graph symbols on top of keys). So far this
sounds like a normal Aldi-C64. But this one has a C64A board installed
and carries the type label "C64C ser.no. DA4 224462 B1 made in Germany".
The sticker doesn't look like peeled off a real C64C and then put onto
that machine, someone with a set of spare stickers or a good talent to
remove stickers must've done this.

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