Back from VCF 4.0

From: rbernardo (
Date: 2000-10-02 07:55:38

I just got back from the Vintage Computer Festival 4.0, which was held in
San Jose, California.  Boy, am I tired!  Boy, did I meet lot of interested
C= users and others who appreciate the Commodore.

I took a lot of photos and more video (oh no, not more video to add to
that of the Chicago C= Expo!).  I'll tell more when I have a chance to
recover.  :-)

Congratulations to Cameron Kaiser on his two wins at the exhibit -- second
place for the best educational computer (the Tomy Tutor) and a special
award for the best simulation of a computer (the Commodore emulating a
Tomy Tutor).  ...And thanks, Cameron, for the enlightening demo on
Hyperlink 2.5.  It was extremely interesting.

					Robert Bernardo
					Fresno Commodore User Group

P.S. National Public Radio was hovering around VCF on Saturday, and they
interviewed me on Commodore issues for the radio.  I don't when or if
they'll broadcast it, but if anyone finds out, let me know!  Of course, if
I truly flubbed the interview, then don't let me know.  ;-)

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