From: Jeri Ellsworth (
Date: 2000-09-26 20:52:29

This is what I posted to comp.sys.cbm.
I'm working on a register compatible VIC that will have all VIC modes
and maybe these features:

As high as 1024x768 with 24 bit's per pixel (16.7 million colors)
16x256 color look up table(can change every scan line)
Resolution can also be change every scan line with no CPU load
Zooming of background
Two playfields
Larger sprites- up to the full size of the screen
Semi-transparent sprites
Player and missile style sprites(tall or wide)
More than 8 pixel scrolling and larger card modes 8x8,16x16,32x32
Compressed LUT Video Modes for hires, but low memory usage.
SVGA Out in all modes including VIC's
16 Bit Data Path-24 bit address lines
Up to 16 Meg Video Memory
8 bit copper
16 bit blitter with math functions
DCT Engine (jpeg, mpeg compression/decompression)

    This is what I would like to see in the chip.  I'm not sure that all of
this will work or fit, but I have tested these features already:

None VIC registers --tested on prototype (works)
24 bit's per pixel  --proto (works)
1024, 800 mode --proto (mostly works)
(1) 24x21 pixel (1) 320x200 pixel sprite --on simulation (works)
Player, missile sprites --on sim (works)
DMA between c64 main buss and video ram --on sim(worked) --on proto(failed.
Locks computer up)
VIC Registers--on simulation, but to large.  I'm working on a better method
Collision Detect --lots of problems
16x256 CLUT--On sim(worked) --on proto(kind of works, but has stair stepping
across the screen. Most likely a wiring problem.)
Zooming background --on sim (works....By accident.  I might as well add it
as a feature :^)  )
8x8 Cards --proto (works)
Blanking and border(works on old proto, but had to be removed to free up an
IO pin for the show proto.)

    This has been about 4+ weeks of work.  I still have ton's of work ahead,
especially with the VIC modes which need to have the same "Glitches" that
the bit bangers love to screw with.  I am afraid that I may not be able to
include all of the boarder tricks due to the type of counter/comparator in
the VIC. The counters that I use have to be different for all the higher
modes.  The border blanking can be shut off simply with an extended register
bit(not as fun huh? Rather do it the hard way!)
    I won't be putting a NTSC/PAL output and since looks like it maybe more
asynchronous the original there won't be bad lines (good for speed,  but bad
for emulation)  I would hate to take up silicon just to add unnecessary
    The DCT engine could really help with video and jpeg (streaming video on
a c64?? Cool)  I have not tested this and it take a lot of gate ... (Do we
need it?)
    The copper and blitter are a must.. The c64 doesn't have enough
to move data fast.  I have not figured out how to draw line with the blitter
yet.. (help anyone?)
    I really would like to build a new motherboard for the C64 and leave the
1Mhz buss behind yet keep the same feel.  There are 6502 cores that have
been clocked as high as 166 Mhz and I have already worked on a CIA (just
add Sid and SCSI Controller and go!).  With a nice stream lined
architecture like the C64's and the small code would give the 1 gig chips
and windows a run for there money.
    If these features could be squeezed into a chip or two it would be a
cake walk to make a laptop.
    Well I like to dream a lot and I hope I can deliver at least part of
what I have been talking about. I really want to make this work and
suggestions or help is welcome and encouraged.


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> "Jeri Ellsworth" <> writes:
> >I am located in Oregon!
> Are you the one who was working on the video card upgrade? Can you tell
> us anything about it?
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> well Jeri,
> the project sound very interesting and we would be keen to see a detailed
> write up from you one day!
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> > I'm from the KGB!!
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> > Yours
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