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Date: 2000-09-25 20:26:21

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Atkinson <> writes:

    Richard> On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Robin Harbron wrote:
    >> We were very surprised when a pretty 25 year old female (Jeri
    >> Ellsworth) showed up at our gathering of mainly too fat or too
    >> skinny males. We were dumbfounded when she started showing us
    >> this C64 with a circuit board mounted in the SID socket (she's
    >> got another one that had failed in some way that plugged right
    >> in the 6510's spot) hooked up to a VGA monitor, displaying a
    >> hires screen with teeny little 8x8 cards, using VHDL
    >> technology.

    Richard> !!!!!
    Richard> Um, is it April 1st in your part of the world, or
    Richard> something?!?

Heheh, nope :)
  Some more data:

The demo:ed prototype runs in 512x400, 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768.
It plugs into the SID socket and utilizes unused SID registers. Video
is addressed as 8x8 cards where each card can use 4 colours from a
palette of 4096. The prototype that broke down a couple of days before
the EXPO did 24-bit, but it required a bit of external logic as she
only has an 84-pin FPGA to work with and she didn't have time to
implement that. It has one sprite with a freely selectable resolution
but this wasn't demo:ed. Also, the screen contained garbage as she
didn't have any software to use the card, and there was a palette bug
that she hadn't worked out yet.
  I gave her the subscribe information for cbm-hackers so hopefully
she'll be able to tell you everything about the project herself.

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