From: Robin Harbron (macbeth_at_psw.nu)
Date: 2000-09-25 18:19:01

I just got back from the Chicago Expo - had a
great time with some of the guys from the list
here and elsewhere.  There's a few pictures
of the expo at:

Sadly, they're quite dark, but #41 and #42 are
still of some interest - they're photos of the
beginning of a new video interface for the C64,
and it's creator (well, a small picture),

We were very surprised when a pretty 25 year
old female (Jeri Ellsworth) showed up at our
gathering of mainly too fat or too skinny males.
We were dumbfounded when she started showing us
this C64 with a circuit board mounted in the SID
socket (she's got another one that had failed in
some way that plugged right in the 6510's spot)
hooked up to a VGA monitor, displaying a hires
screen with teeny little 8x8 cards, using VHDL

She's got some impressive plans, and likely we'll
be able to play a role in suggestions.

Eventually, she'd like to create a C64-on-a-chip.
The first thing she's dealing with is some sort
of new video display.

I've already got good disk storage with my
FD-2000, and plenty of RAM and CPU speed to
experiment with in my SCPU - but I would like
to see a compatible VIC-II replacement.

What do you folks think?  Can a VIC-II be
recreated with VHDL?  If we get to that level,
what truly useful improvements could be made
to the VIC?

And what other use could VHDL "products" be to
both the hacker and the common C= user?
Robin Harbron   macbeth@psw.nu
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