Re: PET cassette recorder pictures?

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-09-22 06:40:07

William Levak wrote:
> All these pictures show the cassette recorder mounted in the PET.
> Unfortunately, they do not show much of the recorder itself.  I don't
> think that would be enough for someone to identify it.
> I have obtained a picture of the Sony TC-66 casette recorder.  It is
> similar in size (a little larger) and style.  The most important
> similarities are the keys.  They are identical in shape, but there are
> six instead of five, and two are colored.  Also the controls are located
> below the keys as the Commodore recorder would have to have them located.
> I have not seen anything that is a closer match.
Farther down on the page is a picture-link of the earlier recorders...

also there is a larger pic of the back of it, where they cut into the
battery compartment...
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