Re: Action Replay manual

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-09-16 20:22:38

Frank Kontros wrote:
> Ville Karjalainen wrote:
> > Is there an Action Replay manual online somewhere?
> > A friend donated me a MK%, but without the manual I'm unable to
> > fully use the power of it.
> Yes.
> Frank

Everybody with an AR4 and AR5 should have a look at and burn
the new ar6 version that is offered there. It gives the functionality of
an ar6 minus the most annoying bugs it introduced. Docs are also there,
and they have both a PAL and NTSC version. Now my AR6 has a PAL/NTSC
switch :-)

Unfortunately it's not that easy to upgrade the true AR6 cartridges,
cause they came with a PROM in PLCC32 format, which is not easy to


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