Re: 1541 -> 2031
Date: 2000-09-15 21:37:22


> The chips in the drive are 75160/75161, especially made for IEEE488 bus.
> The data direction can be switched, so you need only one 8-bit port.
> Sorry, don´t have much more info on them.

The info is on my site. I also did some measuring on the IEEE-signals.
The 3.3V is correct. But the ATN signal measured only 1.8V when (H). I know 
that this sounds absurd but I know what I saw. And I also know that the signal 
was in rest because I measured it while running a BASIC program enabling me to 
toggle every line by hand. Again, I know what I measured, but to be honest, I 
have my doubts.

Groetjes, Ruud

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