Date: 2000-09-12 20:09:35

Hallo allemaal,

Reading "User's manual for CBM5 1/4 inch Dual Floppy Disk Drives" (October
1980, P/N 320899, page 47), I read that such a drive has 16 buffers of
which 3 are used by the machine itself. 16 buffers is equivalent to 4K, no
problem here. The example for "memory-execute" (page 51) says "writes four
bytes to buffer 2 ($1200 or decimal 4608)". 

-     Regarding the above, the 4 KB of RAM is not in one row. Who knows the
      memory mapping of the RAM? (obviously NOT $0000 - $0FFF)

-     Which buffernumber is coupled to which memory area? 

-     According my info the 1581 has 4 buffers. But it also has 8 KB of
      RAM. How many buffers has the 1581 indeed?

-     The memory mapping of these buffers? 

Many thanks.

Groetjes, Ruud

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